Tire Pressure Pioneer: Tom Anhalt

Tom Anhalt was one of the first to turn conventional wisdom regarding inflation on its head. He is a smart guy. No doubt. But his true talent is curiosity. In this episode we learn that questioning the norm and having an open mind can lead to more than just marginal gains but to revelations. 

Tom Anhalt runs the blog site, blather ‘bout bikes where he does deep dive posts on tire comparisons, bike aerodynamics and most importantly: rolling resistance. He is also a regular contributor to Slowtwitch.com.

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One thought on “Tire Pressure Pioneer: Tom Anhalt

  1. Another great interview.
    Here’s an AJA question if you ever do another episode: Watching the Virtuel TdF with picture-in -picture of the riders, noone seems to be looking at bike fit as a path for gains. In the real world, aerodynamics is a big factor, but in Zwift it’s purely about the Watts. Anyone climbing a hill knows it’s easier on the tops than on the drops, because you can put out power more comfortably. Surely there’s something to be gained (biomechanically) from using a more upright seating position?

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