The Placebo Effect and Marginal Gains

You know you’ve had this suspicion: the core of the cycling industry—much of what it’s really selling you—is not tech, speed, or fitness. Nope, the truth is that one of the most powerful marginal gains you’ll ever get is thanks to the placebo effect. Josh, Fatty, and Hottie talk about what it is and how potent a force it is in cycling.

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3 thoughts on “The Placebo Effect and Marginal Gains

  1. You would sell a lot more of your new TI straws if you filled them with Pixie Stick sugar. Would be great to take on long rides to give a boost, and then use the straw at the cafe after the ride. To make even more money you can sell refillable packet subscriptions so riders can refill there straws (AKA razor blade cartridges). Would the sugar enhance performance, or be a placebo?

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