The Hour Record, Part 4: A Conversation With Robert Chung

We always planned on our Hour Record trilogy being three episodes long. But then Josh got to talking with Robert Chung — one of Josh’s intellectual heroes — and we just had to share it.

If you think most episodes of the Marginal Gains Podcast are too lightweight and you’ve been jonesing for a show where Josh has an intellectual equal to talk with (mostly but definitely not exclusively about the Hour Record), this is the episode for you.

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3 thoughts on “The Hour Record, Part 4: A Conversation With Robert Chung

  1. Well, thanks. That was much less traumatic than I feared — at least for me; apologies to those of your listeners who aren’t on the spectrum, but maybe they can use it as a sleep aid.

  2. Here’s a question I don’t know the answer to: do patches on a tube affect Crr? Do different patches have a differential effect?

    Fortunately, I haven’t gotten enough flats to do a systematic comparison. I was thinking about testing a brand new tube and then putting unneeded patches on it but, before I do that, I was hoping you’d already done the test.

    1. As an inveterate patcher (I have several tubes with ~10 patches), I’m curious but not terribly concerned with the results. For rides where I’m worried about going fast, I replace my patched butyl tubes with latex ones anyway. I can send a heavily patched set of tubes if you like.

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