SILCA R&D: A Peek Behind the Curtain with John Balmer

Go behind the scenes of product development at SILCA.

Josh is in Europe, involved with some race or something. Whatever. Which means that Hottie and Fatty get to pick the topic for the episode. And that means fewer big words and more talk about a topic Hottie and Fatty have wanted to dig into since episode 1 of Marginal Gains: the process of creating and refining products at SILCA. Joining them is John Balmer, who just happens to be the head of product at SILCA. If you’ve ever wondered where SILCA product ideas come from, how they’re developed, and even what products have been left on the cutting room floor, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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One thought on “SILCA R&D: A Peek Behind the Curtain with John Balmer

  1. I know you probably will anyway but would you please forward the message to Josh to post as much aero and TT tech as he can at this years tour. Anything new and cutting edge please would be greatly appreciated. I loved his TT walk around with Caley Fretz that sort of stuff is the best and I watch it over and over. Good on ya 👍

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