Non-Linearity in Marginal Gains

Non-linearity has literally has won and lost the Tour de France. Josh breaks down this important concept — one he admits to sometimes having a tough time wrapping his brain around. The metaphor? Extreme betting during what would turn out to be a very expensive round of golf. 

From there we apply non-linearity to cycling and aerodynamics. Let’s just say that after this episode, you will give serious consideration to shaving your head. 

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4 thoughts on “Non-Linearity in Marginal Gains

  1. Hey Josh and Team, Loving the podcast. Question regarding Math and its application. Josh have you ever encountered a problem where the theoretical math didn’t match up with the outcome in reality?

  2. I would love to hear a podcast specializing in marginal gains for track racing….PURSUIT …TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL …AERO TT BAR POSITIONS…TYRE PRESSURE (200 PSI OR LESS)…SKIN SUITS….CHAIN RING SIZE…BIG V SMALL DIAMETER…some stories about research into hr record development…..please please please…love the show …met Josh at handmade bike show In Aust…still buzzing with the knowledge he past to us all there …and the passion of which he tells it…..

    1. Thanks Darren! We will cover some of this in the Hour Record episode which will be out in ~3 weeks or so.. Stay Tuned!!

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