George Mallory and Everesting

Josh chats with with Everesting Pioneer George Mallory — grandson of THE climbing icon. And while George has also summited Mt Everest on bikes, he’s got more stories to tell about his climbing on bikes…especially his multiple attempts at Everesting by bike. 

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One thought on “George Mallory and Everesting

  1. Hi Josh, a fun hypothetical I like to play (with things like Formula 1):

    Imagine you’re teleported back in time to a classic era of cycling (for argument’s sake let’s say the 60’s or 70’s, but feel free to pick your favourite).
    Using your modern knowledge, but limited to the rules, materials and manufacturing technology of that era, how would you choose to marginally gain the riders and their bikes?

    For bonus credit, knowing that they won’t believe you, how would you PROVE that your gains will work? (again, limiting your test equipment to the technology of the time, e.g. no power meters, video replays, easily accessible wind tunnels, computer simulations, etc.)

    Look forward to your thoughts!

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