CdA with Ben Delaney of Velonews

No Supertuck, no modified TT position? Now what? Velonews Managing Editor Ben Delaney helps us figure out what the pros will now use to keep their speeds high on descents and in breakaways. 

Ben has written several articles on what the two, now banned positions are worth when in comes to watts. He also has insight on equipment that could be used to make up for the loss of the Supertuck and “Praying Mantis” position. 

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One thought on “CdA with Ben Delaney of Velonews

  1. Hi at Marginal Gains!
    A question for Josh: what are your thoughts on using Synergetic for bearings? I´m thinking for one the pulley bearings of an oversized pulley derailleur (instead of CS provided oil), and secondly for BB bearings for time trial use. Normally I wouldn´t consider an oil, but after seeing the video on Synergetic with the friction testing, I´m wondering if Synergetic is “strong” enough to protect the balls and races in a BB bearing.
    Thank you for an amazing source of knowledge and inspiration!


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