Ask Josh Anything #16

We may be at the point where it’s time to admit we have a chain & lube obsession, but we’re not even going to try to pull back from it. In this Ask Josh Anything episode,  we talk about what chains are preferred and why, where and how often to lube if you’re using a wet lube, whether wax lubing needs to be more frequent for off-road riding, and even whether you need to swap cassettes if / when you swap chains that you’ve set up for different kinds of lube. And that’s not even all. We also ask Josh about:

  • Ineos’ Giro TT marginal gains
  • Whether frame damping is a thing
  • Wrinkled clothing and marginal gains
  • Where to spend your money to get the most gains for your bucks

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4 thoughts on “Ask Josh Anything #16

  1. Well guys another great episode! I was wondering if anyone has ever checked chain friction and lube effectiveness by using thermal imagining with high sensitivity thermal cameras? I am thinking that friction tends to dissipate energy as heat so lower friction would be lower generation of heat. Also for durability as a the friction starts to increase due to loss of lubricity the temperature should start to increase. So by watching this in the time domain for a constant speed/ load set up one should in theory be able to see the change over time in friction as well as grade the quality of lube against another. thanks

  2. Re the question on damping in a frame, was it around the idea of hysteresis of the frame material? e.g. some materials (say steel) might be low hysteresis and spring back all the energy you put into flexing them, while others (perhaps composites) may be higher hysteresis, absobing energy, hence providing a damping effect.

  3. It’s fairly well known that chains that have been ‘broken in’ have lower friction than one that’s otherwise brand new out of the packaging. However, the recommendation is always to do that with the factory grease before cleaning it off and waxing. If I were to take a chain out from the packaging, get straight to degreasing it, and then giving it an immersive wax, could I expect that the friction would improve after a few hundred km’s of riding, and then a rewax? Or is the opportunity for that initial break-in already lost? Further to this, it’s mentioned that additional applications of silca super secret drip with tungsten disulfide could see some layering of the tungsten disulfide, leading to improved performance. Have you been able to verify this with a machine test?

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