Ask Josh Anything #14

The Tour de France is underway, and we’ve got questions (and answers) about it. For example, do racers REALLY still ride with tires at 120psi as Phil Liggett suggested? (Hint: no.) Why are riders turning their hoods inward? Is tubeless on the verge of replacing tubular as the wheel setup of choice?

We’ve also got a great crop of questions from our listeners, including: 

  • What are the meaningful aero differences between solo and group riding?
  • Is a wheel upgrade worth it when the primary difference is round vs aero spokes?
  • What is the most efficient way to execute your bottom-of-segment turnaround in an Everesting attempt?

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One thought on “Ask Josh Anything #14

  1. I think it is this episode that you say you can put a latex tube in the tubeless ready corsa speed. I’d like to question whether you have tried this on a traditional narrow rim like the zipp 900 clincher. I’ve found that despite super careful installation and loads of talc, the thick thick beads of the corsa speed don’t give enough room in the rim bed for the tube and so it is overstretched filling that gap. image of the tube here (same on vittoria tubes). It is enough stretch that the tube bursts.

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