Ask Josh Anything #011

Josh, Hottie, and Fatty are back with all the bike-related questions too nerdy to be asked (or answered) anywhere else. In this episode, we tackle:

  • What lessons from track racing can be applied to singlespeed mountain bike racing?
  • All else being equal, are fewer spokes more aero?
  • Is a matte finish on helmets faster than a gloss finish?
  • What are the fastest patterns for tire treads?
  • What marginal gains are there to be had when racing your indoor trainer online?

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3 thoughts on “Ask Josh Anything #011

  1. I was using the new SPPC (Silca Pro Pressure Calculator) form and a thought came to me. What would happen if all other things being equal (ie bike frame, wheel etc) but all you did was change from a 25 700c tire at optimal pressure to say a 32 mm 700c at optimal pressure. What is the rolling resistance difference. I know tread can have an impact so for this thought experiment I am suggestion the same tread profile? There is an inertia difference due to tire weight but what else comes into play?

  2. Hi guys, just a follow up to my last question: one item that I do not recall Josh talking about is something I will call tire squirm for lack of a better term. It came to mind while riding my fat bike which is the extreme case. That is if the tire pressure is lower and runs well on a poor traction surface once you hit pavement or another good traction surface the tire starts to self steer (squirm). Now to the real question, in something like a criterium where there is a lot of cornering and accelerating, is there a different tire pressure scenario taht may mean having a bit more pressure since the tire is the last part of the power transition system to the road, one might think that stiffer is better in this case and the just rolling along (ie constant speed) CRR is maybe less important?

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