Ask Josh Anything #010

We’ve got a great batch of questions from you for Josh to contemplate this episode:

  • Does the placebo effect apply to cycling clothes and shoes as well as to equipment?
  • Since many rims are different widths in different places, where should we measure when applying the rule of 105?
  • How much — if any — does a patched tube affect a bike’s CRR?
  • Are third-party ceramic bearings and oversized pulley wheels still relevant?
  • How marginal of a gain do you get with a really nice hub?
  • Is it faster to run a deeper wheel in the front than the rear?

Josh will answer all of these — and more! — in this episode of Marginal Gains (Disclaimer: the answer almost always begins with “it depends.”)

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2 thoughts on “Ask Josh Anything #010

  1. Your discussion on hubs in Ask Josh #10 made me think of this. I ride 60mm deep DT Swiss wheels most of the time with a Wahoo Speed Sensor or the rear hub. I use a Zipp disc wheel on the rear for important triathlon races when it is allowed. How much of a drag penalty is there if I move the speed sensor to the front hub? I’m I negating the benefit of the disc if I put the speed sensor on the front hub? Should I go without the speed sensor and just go off of GPS Speed? Also, how much drag different is there between the front or rear hub if I’m using the 60mm wheel in the rear for a non-disc wheel allowed race?

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