Ask Josh Anything #007

We’re back with a new set of questions for Josh, digging deep into the topics super-nerd cyclists care deeply about. We talk about the products that intrigued Josh most at Eurobike, find out what size (diameter and width) he’d make road wheels be if he could start from scratch, speculate on whether the very aero-looking Ceepo Shadow-R is actually aero, consider marginal gains in gravel races, ask whether it’s better to wrap cables together or keep them separate, ponder the age-old question of tubeless vs latex tubes, and…ponder marginal gains opportunities in inline skating. (Hey, rollerbladers need marginal gains love, too.)

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2 thoughts on “Ask Josh Anything #007

  1. It’s possible to determine Crr (and CdA) for a bike without using a power meter, so it would be possible to do so for inline skate wheels without a power meter. It’s a hassle to do but if you’re desperate enough …

  2. I was re-reading the article on tire pressure and Roubaix and the optimization between pavement and pave. As noted a 5 psi drop of pressure is typically not a deal breaker, but in this optimization I assume the regular loss of pressure over the course of the race is taken into consideration as well? Since in this type of race each sector is important and different that may be a factor but what about the end of the race when you might really need those couple of watts in the velodrome? Sounds like a pretty complex problem but how is pressure loss during the race factored into the optimal tire pressure at the start of the race? How much is lost in a typical race? and is Roubaix a worst case scenario for the pressure loss over the day?

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