AJA #21:Pressure, Lube, & Trips in Time Machines

It’s a rainy, muddy, sloppy, gritty day at the Paris-Roubaix, and you’re a pro team’s race director. What chain treatment do you go with? You have the option to swap bikes on the course; are the watts you gain with a clean drivetrain worth the cost in time lost in bike transfer? What’s the tire pressure you should run…and should you tell the truth if anyone asks? We get into all this, more, and the ways bikes will change 50 years from now, as we Ask Josh Anything in the Marginal Gains Podcast.

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One thought on “AJA #21:Pressure, Lube, & Trips in Time Machines

  1. Ok, the time machine has run out of plutonium but fortunately you’ve Biff Tannened your way to technical director of the UCI (must have left the sports almanac at home sorry…)

    What technical rule changes would you introduce to road racing or TTs with your new authority?

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