AJA #20: The Pipeline Problem

It’s a strange time to be a cyclist, a bike shop, or in the bike industry. Pro teams are scrounging for components. New frames are difficult to come by. Bike shops, swamped with extraordinary demand, are closing due to lack of supply. As an innovator in the bike industry to talks to bike shops and pro teams every day, Josh has practical insight into making the best of a problematic pipeline. 

We also talk about how Silca goes about greenlighting a new product, marginal gains on gravel, and what Josh really wants marginal gainers to think about when we’re on our bikes.

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One thought on “AJA #20: The Pipeline Problem

  1. A waxing question for Josh. I use a slow cooker to rewax my chains. Does the fact that the cookers heats up through induction make any difference to the quality of the penetration etc? The chain is also being heated by induction as well as the conduction via the heated wax.
    It probably marginal on top of marginal but I,m intrigued!

    Also on a separate topic, do tyres lose pressure quicker when being ridden rather than just sitting? The rapid fluctuations in pressure over surface unevenesses might serve to raise the average pressure for a given volume over time?

    Andy Walford

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